Sunday school

Click here for a Sunday School brochure with details about all of our classes. Sunday School at JRBC is from 10-10:45 every Sunday morning. Being involved in a Christian small group like what you find in Sunday School is extemely valuable. Why?

  • People talk more in small groups. 
  • Group members realize that others face similar problems. 
  • People use their gifts and talents to minister to one another. 
  • Small group members encourage each other in their faith. 
  • Small group members encourage each other to grow. 
  • Group members hold each other accountable. 
  • Members pray for one another. 
  • People are more likely to practice what they learn.
  • Friendships start. 

God never intended Christianity to be a "me, God, and my Bible" lifestyle. Come and try out a group. We have several different ones to choose from.

James River Baptist Church

4931 Centerville Road

Williamsburg, Virginia 23188

Phone: 757.258.0303