Adult Small Groups

  • College & Young Adults (Room 202)

    Our college and young adult ministry is a small group that meets on Sundays at 10am, directly after the contemporary worship service.  We eat lunch together every Sunday in different homes and occasionally in a restaurant.  This vibrant class is targeted toward singles (18-25) based on the curriculum from RightNow Media.

    Teachers - Sharon Salsman, April Palmer, Stephen Perkins

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  • Adult I Men & Women (Room 206)

    This class is geared toward young married couples. Uses the Gospel Project curriculum.  

    Teacher - Bruce Abbott

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  • Adult II Men & Women (Room 6) 

    This class is geared toward adults who enjoy going through books of the Bible, and Bible study themes.

    Teacher -Travis & Sherry Bridewell

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  • Couples 50 and Up (Room 1)

    This active and friendly class is targeted toward married couples in their 50s and up.  Uses the Explore the Bible series. 

    Teacher - Charlie Pratt

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  • Faithful Learners of Christ (FLOC) Women's Class (Room 3) 

    This class enjoys digging deeply into the Bible and goes through books of the Bible and Bible study themes. 

    Teacher - Carolyn Greene

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  • Rainbow Ladies Class (Room 4)

    Adult Ladies class for women 50 & up.  Uses the Explore the Bible series. 

    Teacher - Doris Pierce

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  • Men's Class (Room 201) 

    Uses the Explore the Bible series.

    Teacher - Pat Priester

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  • Christian Friends Class (Room 2)

    Uses the Explore the Bible series.  For men& women. Team taught.

    Teacher - Marsha & David Brown

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  • Senior Ladies Class (Room 110)

    Uses the Explore the Bible series.  

    Teacher - Gail Timmons, Wynne Barthurst

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