Honor God With Your Spiritual Gifts and Talents

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Audio/Visual Team

           The role of the AV crew is vital for running a smooth service and removing distractions during worship by preparing/tweaking the audio and video systems.


              You will work hand-in-hand with the worship teams in preparing for worship. You’ll be responsible for running sound & slides during the entire Sunday morning gathering (worship and preaching).


           The baptism team is one of the most exciting teams in the church. You get to be a part of life changing moments in the lives of our congregation.

           You’ll assist in preparing the baptismal, making sure everyone has warm towels, assist the pastor in a smooth service and that those being baptized have everything in place so that they can focus on themselves and the Lord.

Baptisms are truly joyous occasions. It will be a blessing to be part of this team!



Children’s Team


              The Children’s Ministry Volunteers will work directly with the children (K – 5th grade) during the Sunday morning (and Wed. evening) services.

              You are not a babysitter, but a minister of the gospel: praying, loving, teaching truth, and caring for these children.


Pray for our students, greet them as they come and go, assist the teachers, maintain classroom order, send cards to our children and attend a quarterly team meeting.

This Team also helps in the planning and executing seasonal events, assisting teachers during Kid’s Worship, and giving input on the direction of the Children’s Ministry.

  Special events include: Easter Egg Hunt, VBS, Harvest Fest, Christmas Play, and more.


Benevolence and Bereavement

              This necessary team serves two purposes. You will help those in our community who are struggling financially. This may involve distributing food from the food pantry and managing a benevolence fund for emergency needs.

              Second, you will assist those who have lost loved ones. When one of our church members passes away, our job is to care for their family and provide a meal to the family after the service. This allows the family to gather together and comfort each other during this time of loss.

You can be a part of the team without having to prepare all of the food yourselves, rather you’ll coordinate the details of the amount needed and preparation.


Decorating Team

God has blessed us with a beautiful location for a church.  It is our responsibility as Christians to make the buildings and grounds inviting and functional. 


If you have an eye for creating welcoming spaces, this team is for you! You’ll have fun decorating for holidays, like Christmas, Easter, July 4th, Memorial Day & more.



           If you love hosting, the Fellowship Team is the place for you. You’ll help plan and prepare Wednesday night suppers and for all of our social events.

           From maintaining supplies and inventory to organizing the kitchen usage, you’ll use your skills as a  host(ess) to keep the kitchen running smooth and the JRBC mouths fed.



Missions Team

Do you like to travel and serve others while doing it?

The vision of our church is to become a missions powerhouse. This involves giving to and doing mission service work.

The missions team is responsible for planning and implementing local, national, and international mission projects and trips.

Evangelism Team

One of the primary missions of our church is to reach people for Jesus. We are tasked with helping people along their spiritual journeys.

In a nutshell, it is to move irreligious or unchurched people to be fully developed followers of Christ.


The evangelism team works alongside our pastor in planning and implementing of evangelistic efforts.


Homecoming Team

Homecoming is one of the most exciting annual events here at JRBC. It’s a chance to reconnect with past pastors, staff, members, and friends of the Church.

              As part of this team, you’ll coordinate the guest speakers and musicians, plan the service setup, takedown, and dinner on the grounds.

You’ll also coordinate with the committees handling staffing of the Nursery and Children/Youth’s programs to make sure that our young ones are covered while the parents enjoy the service.


Pastoral Care Team

           Are you a comforter and caregiver at heart? The pastoral care team reaches out to our church members who are unable to drive and are often isolated from the rest of our congregation and community in general. As part of this team, you will visit the shut-ins, disabled, and hospitalized and provide friendship and warmth to those who need it.


Nursery Team

Nursery work is about HIS Kingdom.

You may want a break, but in serving 1 hour every other month, you’re giving another mom or dad a break.

              You are filling a hole that enables another parent to go to a Sunday Service.

Your job is to love on those babies and snuggle them for an hour. While we keep safety in mind, we also want to play and enjoy this time with these sweet children.


Safety Team

              It is impossible to make our church completely safe, but it is vital that we do everything we can to protect those who come into our church.

              You will work in several ways to ensure safety of members, our property, and guests, including patrolling the parking lot, maintaining a camera system, locking doors appropriately and maintaining situational awareness of our church campus. The overall goal of this team is to oversee and implement risk management procedures.



The team’s purpose is to brainstorm, develop strategies, and assist in implementing programs and activities relevant to women’s needs. We will periodically survey the needs of the women within the church and community, including spiritual growth needs and training in the promotion of outreach.

We have an active group of women in our church. Bible studies, retreats, mission project, concerts– this leadership group helps coordinate and plan the great work of our ladies.



Welcome Team

     Most churches today perceive their church to be friendly.

     Ironically, this is not always the case. Routinely surveyed guests find that many of our churches are unfriendly. This perception chasm exists because members are friendly to one another. Guests feel like they crashed a private party. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Our welcome team helps new people truly feel at home at our church services. They are involved in many ways including: greeters, manning and stocking the welcome center, showing people where the nursery is, making sure the membership cards are ready to go on the front rows of the church and many other things, and generally being friendly to guests.

From helping facilitate the parking to getting guests from their vehicles to the church in harsh weather, the Welcome Team starts at the lot.

To create a welcoming environment, we provide coffee on a weekly basis for our Sunday gatherings. The volunteers for this position help brew the coffee and talk with new faces.

We want our visitors to be welcomed from the parking lot to the welcome center, while in their seats, and on their way out the door or to a Sunday Morning Small Group.


Worship Center Set Up & Take Down Team

              Our Worship Center is used for many events. It can be overwhelming for our part time custodians to take down and set up chairs week in and week out.

              This team will help on Wednesdays to set up chairs and tables for the Wednesday night dinners. The tables and chairs need to be set up in time for the 6pm meal and tables taken down and after the meal so that the Hall is ready for service on Sunday morning.

This team also helps setup & takedown of tables and chairs for special events the church has.




              The Communications Team has the important role of letting both the church congregation and the community know of our happenings- special events, classes, service time changes, and important news.

              You’ll help to manage our church website info, advertisements in newspapers, highlighting events on our Facebook page, making sure bulletin boards are up to date, and that our roadside banners are rotated.

You can be part of helping get the word out.

This team is vital to our evangelistic efforts as well as the health of our growing church body.


Writers: Our team members will write content to promote, engage and encourage the church & community to attend events and services so that we can share the gospel.


Mediators: If you are active on social media and can monitor the page and answer user questions, we need your help managing the JRBC Facebook page.


Photographers: Are you a dedicated and skilled photographer who is willing to take photos at our events? We need your help


Graphic designers: Do you have great design skills?  We can use your design skills for our newsletter, website, advertisements and videos.


Facilities Management


              As part of the Facilities Management Team you will assist with Church property administration. It’s our job to maintain this wonderful building and its grounds so that we can enjoy worshipping and fellowshipping.

              You’ll coordinate projects and contractors for routine and special maintenance and improvements.

If you’re handy or have strong project management skills, this is the team for you.



This is a brand new team that will reach out to the inmates at the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail & Merrimac Detention Center, through an ongoing program called the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry.




  Our team provides an ongoing program of Men’s Bible Studies and other Christian education.

      We plan and arrange times for fellowship, breakfast, prayer needs, scriptural reflections, update on community needs, and planning for upcoming activities and service projects.



Worship Teams


              Do you like to sing or play an instrument? Our church has a place for you on our Worship teams. You don’t have to be perfect to make a joyful noise.

              We want  to produce the best of traditional and contemporary worship music . We want to achieve worship that is culturally relevant and authentic


This team seeks to make that kind of worship happen. We want to make worship attractive for non Christians and inspiring for believers.



Calling all adventure seekers. Our Teens need mentors to spend time building trusting relationships with them by praying for them, assisting with teaching classes, organizing and attending youth events. You’ll teach them discipleship and leadership skills and go on exciting mission & service projects.


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