Welcome Team

Most churches today perceive their church to be friendly.


Ironically, this is not always the case. Routinely surveyed guests find that many of our churches are unfriendly. This perception chasm exists because members are friendly to one another. Guests feel like they crashed a private party. This doesn’t have to be the case.


Our welcome team helps new people truly feel at home at our church services. They are involved in many ways including: greeters, manning and stocking the welcome center, showing people where the nursery is, making sure the membership cards are ready to go on the front rows of the church and many other things, and generally being friendly to guests.


From helping facilitate the parking to getting guests from their vehicles to the church in harsh weather, the Welcome Team starts at the lot.


To create a welcoming environment, we provide coffee on a weekly basis for our Sunday gatherings. The volunteers for this position help brew the coffee and talk with new faces.


We want our visitors to be welcomed from the parking lot to the welcome center, while in their seats, and on their way out the door or to a Sunday Morning Small Group.