Children's Church at James River Baptist Church in Williamsburg VA


Kids Worship Service



K-5th Grade


Located in the Children's Center 


We cherish the chance to be able to help your kids grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord.  More than simply entertaining, we seek to engage your children in their faith through songs, group activities, and a lesson from God's Word

Nursery Care in  James River Baptist Church in Williamsburg VA




SUNDAYS 9, 10 & 11 AM



Located by the Sanctuary


Our newborn-to-toddler nurseries are available for all church services. Please take a moment to read over our nursery guidelines for more specific information regarding nursery practices and policies.


Children's program at  James River Baptist Church in Williamsburg VA


Wednesday Nights


K-5th Grade

Located in the Children's Center 

On Wednesday night’s we have a high energy program for kids with a personal touch. The evening includes a dinner just for the kids, games, Children’s Choir, and a Bible devotional.  This program is for K-5.

Online Sunday  School

Our Mission

We provide an enivronment for kids that is much more than just babysitting. Rather, this is an opportunity for your child to learn what loving and trusting Jesus with their entire life looks like. We want to see our children learn to connect, grow and go serve others. At James River we are committed to partnering with parents to help them in this process.


We want to ensure parents feel comfortable and safe leaving their children under our care.  Every volunteer undergoes a thorough background check and we continually train and educate volunteers about safety and security protocols.

On Your First Visit

When you arrive at James River, please park right up front as our special guests! Enter the doors and check in at our Welcome Centers located in the foyer of the sanctuary or the middle hallway in the multi-ministry building  There our volunteers will meet you, learn a little about your children, and show you the classroom where your kids will be learning. At the classroom, use the sign-in notebook to fill out information such as allergies and emergency contacts. If you have a child for the nursery, we will give you a numbered pager.


After your kids are all checked in, someone from the Welcome Team will show you the way to the worship service. The ushers will offer you a bulletin and make sure you find a seat. If there is any issue that needs your attention, the childcare volunteers will send you a text or your pager will light up and vibrate.