KOZ is a ministry that uses hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure as a tool to mentor to boys. We train men in churches to role model and disciple the boys that are in their churches and communities through the KOZ outdoor adventure curriculum.


At these meetings, the boys will be mentored in outdoor skills and adventure by trained KOZ leaders and other male volunteers. The boys will also be cared for and given a view of Christ and what it means to be a Christian boy/young man in our world.


KOZ Novemeber 18th for the BOYS in your life! Deerstands & Backstraps


Q:  Where is the “BEST SEAT OUTSIDE THE HOUSE”? (there are a half-doz!)

How much do YOU know about DeerStands, Blinds, Location Selection, Safety, and Use of Equipment, as well as “What’s INSIDE that successful Hunter’s Field Kit?”

This month’s KOZ (KidsOutdoorZone) Saturday Nov. 18th, is all about Deerstands and Backstraps...  How many different types of deerstands have we found effective through the ages, from tree to ground, and all-around town, hear/learn from some of the successful local deer hunters, as they show and tell how they prepared for the hunt.  Get to access and try out the various deerstands and blinds, get fitted into a safety climbing harness, and learn how to safely maneuver in the stands with your equipment.


This November 18th  KOZ Saturday will be all about Deer Hunting, Equipment, Gear and Wear, and WHY?!?  What is essential, and what tools are preferred for the job of dressing out a deer?  Get to handle and demonstrate the gear!  If lucky, some may have the opportunity to demo additional equipment, . . . (perhaps operate a “climber” deer stand, or “ladder” stand, to appreciate the preparation to achieve a goal from a “different perspective” - if disciplined and mature enough!).  If really blessed, we may have some real work “cut out” for us, IF we actually dress a deer!


Williamsburg's KidsOutdoorZone, “KOZ”, (see: KidsOutdoorZone.com for more on this International program), offers a premier monthly Outdoors Adventures program to boys (8 - 18), the THIRD SATURDAY of every month. We meet 8:30am at the Pavilion (behind JamesRiverBaptistChurch, at 4931 Centerville Rd, Williamsburg); and through certified "Harvest Team Leaders" (HTLs), provide education and instruction on how to have safe, engaging fun that boys naturally love!  We learn and enjoy doing challenging things in the great outdoors . . . but most importantly, how to make tough decisions, and be responsible for the results of their choices - and experience the rewards of their actions!


Participants MUST complete the program Registration Form in advance, and RSVP to help ensure adequate equipment and logistics for included Campfire Lunch - (as always, FREE to the Boys! Dads are welcomed to help contribute +/or bring a dessert, etc.). Appropriate for this month, “venison” recipes will likely be competing and complementing the traditional menu for lunch, so RSVPs are definitely recommended!


Contact David Chin, (DavidinWburg@gmail.com, 631 495-8654) for more information and to receive "Registration Form" to be completed in advance. Complementary “Notary Service” will be provided mornings of events, so please feel welcomed to come a bit early if need be. . .  and BRING A FRIEND!




The Third Saturday of Every Month

KOZ Program kicks off at 8:30am 

James River Baptist Chruch